Combine a bunch of the hottest web design trends – HTML5, CSS3, custom typography & responsive design.

Wrap them in blank canvas. Add a visual designer to make it easy to customise that canvas.

Sprinkle a pinch of JavaScript to add the magic of parallax scrolling.

Voilà, you have the Five3 WordPress theme.


Works Everywhere

You shouldn’t need to use a different theme or plugin to make your site work with mobile browsers.

Five3 detects available display area in a visitor’s browser and changes its layout accordingly.

With one theme, your site will look great on iPhone, iPad and all manner of other devices.


Beautiful Typography

Google gave the web a great gift when it released hundreds of free web fonts.

Five3 gives you power of these fonts through its Visual Designer.

Give your content the typography it deserves, with Google Web Fonts & Five3.


Play Me, I’m Yours

Five3 is your instrument.

With its Visual Designer, you choose the colour, you choose the typeface and Five3 will make the music.

You’ll never have enjoyed making a beautiful site as much as you will with Five3.


Let’s Argue Semantics

A writer would never refer to a beloved kitten generically as an animal. She would refer to it by name, relationship or another individual characteristic.

HTML has forced web designers to refer to many elements on a web page generically, until now.

HTML5 introduces new elements which allow designers to identify more content types. Five3 harnesses HTML5 to provide more meaning to search engines and other machines

The immediate benefit of this is an improved perception of your website with search engines. Going forward, new benefits will be revealed as web applications take advantage of the additional semantic meaning in your website.


Liberty Unlimited

Every bit of PHP, HTML, CSS & Javascript we created is given to you with the freedom of the GPL license.

If you want to use Five3 on a dozen sites, go ahead. If you want to add, remove or modify code, go ahead. If you want to give it to some girl you met in a bar to impress her, go ahead.

We want you to run free with Five3!